What we do:

We provide you with a service that would allow for instant switch over of your DNS from one server to another, that would allow your website to be visible to customers even if your main server is down. We actively monitor your website and if we detect it is down we will automatically switch your DNS to another server.

How it works:

We actively monitor status of your website at all times, when we detect site is down we check if the outage exceeds time specified by you. If it does we switch over the DNS entry to a new server that was specified in the admin panel. Due to our minimal TTL (~10 seconds) the change is immediate and hardly noticeable to a user of the site. We used tiered DNS setup to facilitate those requests, we update the master DNS server which in turn pushes update to our external facing servers, the whole process takes less than a minute!

How much it costs:

Our basic plan start as low as 9.99EUR for one domain per month and allows you for unlimited edits and changes. We only charge you on per domain basis (there are discounts with higher amounts) and there are no hidden fees.

Rapid DNS - great out of the box service

Beginner Best suited for small one site blog sites or any other similar activities.

9.99 € Per Month

  • 1 domain
  • Basic e-mail based support
  • No custom DNS records
  • One user account

Pro Best suited for web developers and other individuals who manage multiple sites.

94.99 € Per Month

  • 10 domains
  • E-mail based support
  • Custom DNS records
  • Multiple user accounts

Expert Best suited for companies who manage web pages on behalf of their clients.

179.99 € Per Month

  • 20 domains
  • E-mail and phone support
  • Custom DNS records
  • Multiple user accounts

Hi-Tech Best suited for hosting companies that would like to benefit from easy fail-over solution that replaces costly BGP.

Email us for a tailored solution  

  • 50 domains+
  • E-mail and phone support
  • Custom DNS records
  • Multiple user accounts